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South Iredell Athletic Association

High School Rec Basketball

NOTE: See below for answers to many of our most popular questions

Our High School program is VERY popular with new and returning players!
For grades 9-12
Games begin in January, and are played on Saturdays AND Sundays through January and February
Teams do not hold practices, but play games with licensed HS officials
Teams coach themselves, using a "clear the bench" policy to ensure equitable playing time
(buzzer every 4 minutes; anyone sitting must go in & substitution continues this way until last two minutes, when free substitution is allowed)

Playoffs are typically held the last weekend in February, and include an exciting Three Point ShootOut Competition!

Rules are posted under the Basketball tab. We follow regular NFHS rules, with a few slight changes for rec ball.

Click to view the SIAA HS Rec Rule Addendum

Player conduct - any player earning 2 technical fouls in any game = auto ejection and suspension for next 2 games.
 If any player is ejected twice in a season, this will result in multiple future game suspensions and possible suspension for the whole season.  

Team Conduct - any combination of 3 technical fouls, whether on bench, stands or from a "player" not officially rostered will result in an automatic team forfeit of that game. 
The second time there is a team forfeit for team conduct, it will result in suspension of that game plus automatic forfeiture of the next game. 
The third time a team forfeits due to team conduct technical fouls or other reasons, the team may be suspended for longer, possibly even the rest of the season.  

The HS director and coordinators also have the right to suspend any repeat offenders/player/team for the remainder of the season, and permanent expulsion from the league. No refunds will be given.

If a student is not rostered on a team, they may not sit on the bench. Only rostered SIAA players are allowed.

SIAA is a recreational league, and as such, we do not admit full teams without making sure there's an even balance of talent throughout the division. While we are happy to try to accommodate a few friends playing together, SIAA's primary goal is to create even teams, as we've done since we began in 1995. This way, every team has an equal chance of winning every game. 

Teams will be determined in December, typically after a HS Skills Session. Players who attend will have some input into the process.

Hopefully it will work out to honor most team requests, but please understand that there are no guarantees. It's simply not fair - or safe, or fun - to allow full teams of experienced, talented boys to play against a team of inexperienced players who may be trying the sport for the first time. There needs to be some flexibility on teams, to be able to include boys that are new to our area. A mix works best for everyone, and we trust our commissioners and players will do this fairly. 

So yes, some teams may be able to stay together . . . just as long as there's a clear mix of talent levels on that team. It's pretty obvious to everyone when this is NOT observed, so we'll all do our best to avoid it. 

SIAA HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL DRAFT - none scheduled for 2024, teams will be assigned
at Woodland Heights Middle Cafeteria

All players are encouraged to attend, to help form balanced teams.
Parent information will be given at the start of each session, followed by informal skills &/or scrimmages.
Team assignments will be posted online before Christmas break.
Games run each Saturday and Sunday, January-February.

Parents, if you can help run skills and/or help with team placement, please contact [email protected].

We also need sponsors! Please register your son online at before the session, so we make sure every team has at least one sponsor. More details are posted under the Sponsor tab on our website.

Thank you!


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